četrtek, 18. julij 2013

OMD challenge day3 - Purple

And, up next I have day three of OMD challenge - PURPLE:
I used Essence Thelma as a  base, and then I used Catrice Heavy metallilac and Essence The one and only for the stripes.I'm not really impressed with this manicure, I wished it'd turned out better.
And Thelma on its own:
Two coats, no top coat. Awesome vampy purple with amazing application.

What do you think?

sreda, 17. julij 2013

OMD challenge day2 - Blue

The second day the theme was blue, and here's my interpretation:

For the base I used Alessandro 265, and for the dots I used three polishes - Essence Fall for me, Essence Forever mine and OPI No room for the blues. I actually intendet to do all nails like the pinky is, but when I came to this stage I liked it so much I stoped. I actually love this mani. I don't know if I'd like ti as much if I'd do whole nails.
And Alessandro 265 by itself:

What do you think?

OMD Challenge day1 - PINK

The theme for day one is pink. And here is what I did:
I used China glaze Something sweet as a base and then I sponged it with Catrice Princess for a day and Essence Glittering daylight. I really like this manicure and it is so easy to do. The only downside is the cleanup, but I put hand cream on my cutticles before sponging and I didn't have that many problems.
And here is China glaze Something sweet on its own:
It's one of my all time fav polishes, and I've used almost half of it already(and that says a lot).

What do you think? Do you like it?

OMD Nail art challenge

I've decided to participate in Oh Mon Dieu! It’s the Rather Awesome 31 Day Challenge Giveaway! I am a little late to this challenge, so I'll have to create more than 1one a day to finish it on time =) It is hosted by three lovely ladies:
And here are the themes:

 Stay tuned for my entries for each of them.

My Ruby Kisses collection

Today I'm going to show you the few polishes I have from brand called Ruby kisses.

First up is Tangerine. I wasn't really sure I like this polish or not, but when I put it on I knew I have to keep it. It's a bright orange jelly and it looks soo squishy on my nails! On the picture I have three coats and you can still see my nail line, no top coat. Application wasn't problematic and drying time was fast.
 Next, it's "Look at me" purple. I already showed it to you here. On the picture there are two coats, no top coat. As you can see it dries matte and it's sooo bright IRL, I couldn't capture it on camera.
Then we have Ruby slippers. The most amazing polish from Ruby kisses I own and know for. I really like it. Red jelly base packed with red and silver glitter. Two coat were needed and application was flawless. No top coat.
Up next, we have Baby blue. I'd say this is only ment for layering. This are bright blue glitters in clear base. I have one coat on on the first picture, so you can se how dense the glitters are, and on the second picture I have four coats. It dries really quickly.
Another glitter, Crazy night out, is next. Big and small purple glitters and smal silver ones in clear base. First picture is one coat, and second one three. This one is also intendet to layer it over some other polish.

Last but not least, we have Cast a spell, from HD line. Another beautiful polish! Amazing rich purple with pink shimmer. A little runny, but nothing I couldn't handle. Brush strokes might be visible if you are not careful. It was PITA to photograph, so I did my best. It's not so pink IRL.

All in all, I like Ruby kisses polishes. Are there any I'm missing out?

ponedeljek, 15. julij 2013

My Misslyn collection

Here are all of the polishes I own from Misslyn:


From L-R:
586 Aquarium, 726 Dragonfly, 85 Royal blue, 59 Sparkling orange, 47 Bright love

And swatches:

  • Aquarium is a mini polish, it contains only 4ml/0.13 fl.oz. The colours is beautiful, but not unique. I have three coats on the picture. It applied a bit streaky, but it was manageable. 
  • Dragonfly from Peacock LE. This one is supposed to be a layering duochrome polish.  It really is very sheer, on the picture there are three coats, but I could use fourth. I like this polish so much! It shifts from blue to pink/purple. It's so nice. It also looks good layered over some other colours.
  • Royal blue from their Velvet diamond - Object of desire collection. I've already talked about it here. On the picture there are two coats, no top coat. I wore it at least three times already - and that says a lot, since I have so many polishes.

  • Sparkling orange, also from Velvet diamond - Object of desire collection. Again, two coats, no top coat. Another beauty <3 It's orange with golden shimmer, and it is breath taking! I wore it for 5days and almost no tip wear. The picture is taken with flash, I wanted to show you how sparkly it is.
  • Bright love, another beauty from Velvet diamond - Object of desire collection. This one I like the least from the three I have. But it is still amazingly beautiful! Do you see that sparkle? It kind of reminds me of rust, but in a good way.

I'm a fan of Misslyn polishes, and I have few polishes still on my wishlist. I want the rest from Velvet diamond collection and all from the new Velvet diamond - Sugar baby collection. I haven't payed attention to their standard range so far, so if you have any suggestions, do let me know =)

Long time no see ;)

Huh, I haven't been here for so long now. There was so much going on in my life, I didn't even think about comptuer - and to be honest my nails were suffering too =/ Finally, here's summer and I have more time to do my nails and to write blog posts. I've been thinking on whys and hows and I've decided a few things I will write down for my own reference mostly:

- I'll take a picture of what I'm wearing every day now. Why? Because I have so many clothes(and my wardrobe is too small) and need to see what I actually wear and what I don't. This way I'll be able to get rid of the ones I don't use and then I can get new ones ;)

- I need to get into nail art again. I used to always have some sort of nail art on my nails and now I've became lazy. And I really want to get back into the game as far as my nail art skills are concerned.

- I need-need-need to swatch my polishes. I have so many unused it's not even funny anymore =/ So, I'm on a no-buy until I swatch all of the polishes I already own. It's a must!!

- If I don't really love a polish - I don't need it! There are a few exceptions(polishes that are good for konad for example), but most of the time this is the rule.

-After my no-buy is ower, I need to remember what works for me and what doesn't. I have so many polishes that I love in the bottle but hate it on my nails. So, no more dark colours with that amazing shimmer! And no more "oh-this-is-a-LE-I-need-it" polishes. And absolutely no more plain old cremes I already have a ton of!

So this is it for now. I hope I'll be able to go by these rules =) We'll see how succesfull I'll be ;)

Until next time!